Installation three phase motor
Date:2017-05-28 16:11:43.0

Preparation of installation

   Before unpacking, check if the package is damaged. After unpacking, remove dust from the motor surface and rust-preventive coating from shaft extension end.

   Check whether the data on the nameplate are correct.

   Check if there is any damage or deformation during transportation. The fasteners should all be fixed. The rotor should not rub against the stator when turned by hand.

       Check winding insulation resistance with 500 volts ohmmeter. The measured value should not be lower than 1MΩ, otherwise the stator winding has to be dried with temperature lower than 120℃.


         Motors can be transmitted through coupling, reduction gear or belt. But it is not suitable for transmitting through belt of motors above 4kW and 2 pole, above 30 kW and 4 pole. The transmission range of V- belt may be enlarged with using a small belt pulley. It is allowed to use coupling only for fan side if the second shaft extension motor.

       With belt drive, the center line of the motor shaft should be paralleled with center line of the load shaft and center line of the belt should be perpendicular to the center line of the shaft. With coupling drive, the center line of the motor should coincide with centre line of the load shaft.

        For vertical installed motor, other axial load is not allowed to shaft extension except for belt ( or its  equivalent )

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