China's efficient motor industry prospects
Date:2017-05-31 10:29:52.0

Motor efficiency is 1% -3% lower than abroad, the operating efficiency of the motor system is 10% to 20% lower than abroad. At present, China's total installed capacity of motor has reached more than 400 million KW, annual power consumption of 1.2 trillion KWh, accounting for 60% of the total electricity consumption, accounting for 80% of industrial electricity consumption, including fans, pumps, Installed capacity of more than 200 million KW, the annual power consumption of 800 billion KWh, accounting for about 40% of the total electricity consumption.


Based on the current market situation estimates, the national motor performance for each increase of one percentage point each year can save more than 260 billion kilowatts of electricity, if the motor system efficiency increased by 5% -8% annual savings of electricity equivalent to two to three Three Gorges reservoir power generation The Enough to see the power of the motor market great potential and importance, so the efficiency of the motor will have become the development trend of motor technology.


The state to increase the promotion of high-efficiency motor, with reference to IEC standards to develop motor energy efficiency standards, has also introduced a number of policies to support the application of efficient motor and promotion, but the growth rate of efficient motor growth is slow. At present, China is also facing some problems in efficient motor promotion. For example, the current inefficient stock motor is mainly distributed in high energy consumption of steel, cement, metallurgy, paper and other enterprises.


In addition, inefficient large-scale motor in the proportion of large motor, medium and large motor efficiency by the motor manufacturing enterprises test, the use of enterprises simply can not determine whether the motor efficiency to achieve high efficiency motor standards, resulting in the use of some enterprises in the use of efficient Motor, the latter part of the energy-saving benefits there is a certain concern, the promotion of efficient motor also need the government, enterprises, users of the joint efforts.


China's motor industry, "efficient energy-saving" road has already begun, efficient motor industry prospects. The next five years, China's efficient motor market will grow faster. With the promotion of high-efficiency motor, a large number of Chinese manufacturers do not have the production of efficient motor manufacturers will be eliminated and out of the market, the market concentration and competitiveness can be improved.